Quality Machining Procedures

Here at Zigler’s Machine & Metal Works we want our Partner’s to feel that they are getting the best quality product possible. Each order is inspected to the print to make sure of accuracy, not only for the tolerances but for material type and machining finishes.

Using our CMM Romer arm along with calipers, ID & OD micrometers, gauge blocks, ID pins, and profilometer, we are keenly aware that quality is extremely important if we are to fulfill our obligations to our partners.

If you are a high volume perspective partner, we will do F.A.I.R.’s (First Article Inspection Reports) where we bubble and number each critical dimension on your prints. On the reports we will show the actual dimension and the called out dimension for your quality department to double check. Also on high volume orders we will periodically check parts during our runs, to make sure tooling is staying sharp and still holding tolerances.

Along with F.A.I.R.’s and periodic checking throughout the order; another way that makes Zigler’s stand out from the crowd is that we will make samples upon request. We realize that with the size of some companies, the communications between the shop floor and engineering aren’t always the best. Changes on the floor to make some parts work properly don’t always get communicated to engineering and sometimes vice versa. We at Zigler’s will work with you all the way through the process to make sure that you have the product you desire.


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